My Hero

It’s kind of cathartic to watch someone else express your frustration in ways you can only fantasize about. (Thanks for giving me the link, Marilyn!) Tomorrow is day 20 in the HP computer kidnapping case… er, I mean since HP logged my computer in as received. Day 25 of being computer-less. ::banging head against desk::

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  1. I thought these videos mirrored your frustration. Watch the other guy smash his laptop to smithereens! LOL

    Any they might keep you from doing something crazy like hurling your good china, one piece at a time, against the kitchen wall.

    Keeping my fingers crossed that your computer arrives TODAY!

  2. Yeah. Ironically there will be no one here to receive it after I leave for work today. But even coming home to a note from FedEx will be a happy moment.

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