New Year’s Eve Festivities

This year we celebrated the arrival of the new year Brit-style. We met up with two of our closest friends at The Olde Ship in Santa Ana. The restaurant had their celebration on UK time which put the big moment at 4pm SoCal time. Since my in-laws are in England it seemed fitting to be celebrating at their time (not because we are old and midnight is now past our bedtime). Just before we got there a hummer limo had pulled up so we realized that we were in a happening place. Where all the hip Brits hang out I guess. We drank our pints in the standing only and barely-breathing room pub. Our friends brought us noise-makers so we joined in with crowd welcoming the new year when the moment was announced.

Then the much anticipated main event started: the bagpiper! He made his way through the crowd and gave us a show from behind the bar. Soon after he had left, the crowd thinned out and we were able to get a table. I had a super spicy curry dish. One of our friends ordered the same, but after a few bites she pleaded for another plate that wasn’t so spicy. Neil had bangers and mash. He was full but had some of mine anyway. He regretted it as he thought his insides were on fire. I felt the same way for the first 5-minutes but found that if I persevered my body became numb to the agony. I figured that I was giving myself a new year’s cleanse – burning out any impurities. I definitely could breath better when I was done.


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