My mood board from PhotoShop Skillshare class.

New Year’s Refresh

My mood board from PhotoShop Skillshare class.
Creating this mood board was a fun project.

New years bring a feeling of renewal and while I don’t get into making resolutions, I do get into a fresh start mode. I have been playing around with different apps for creating good habits. Most recently I’ve been using Lift to record whether I’m getting to bed before midnight or doing daily walks and stretching.

My mind also turns to those “someday” goals that I never get around to. Some are creative projects and some are taking classes for skills I have previously only acquired through trial and error. I found a photoshop class that combined both because the class project was creating a mood board. I had a lot of fun doing it.

I also finally signed up for Treehouse and started working through their WordPress Development track. I’m enjoying reviewing what I already know and looking forward to learning more coding skills. Earning badges along the way has become a fun game. Yes, I’m not immune to the gamification craze.

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