One of these bikes is not like the other

I have two bikes that I love to ride. I had a Raleigh 10-speed road bike when I was a teen, but these days I like my bikes pretty and comfortable to ride. When we moved to Greenville, SC in 2009, I went from flat riding with primarily nearby destinations to hilly riding with my usual destinations over 5 miles away. I had also managed to fall and hurt my ankle after we arrived and I was having difficulty with walking as my primary exercise. I started checking out electric-assist bikes with the desire to make biking my primary transportation option. I ended up ordering a Pedego bike in 2012 and for the most part, it has been the perfect choice. Last Fall I got my Linus bike from Pedal Chic and I love it for shorter and less hilly rides.

Thanks to my Pedego I bike to more places

I get positive reactions to both bikes when I’m out riding but mixed reactions when people realize that my Pedego is an electric-assist bike. Generally people are not familiar with e-bikes and are curious about how they work. Many avid cyclists have a negative reaction to e-bikes which is really unfortunate and misses what a great option they are. Here are my favorite things about having my Pedego:

  • It’s fun! I loved riding a bike as a kid and my Pedego is super comfortable to ride and when I want to go faster or tackle a hill, I just twist the throttle on my handlebar and the electric power boosts my own pedalling power.
  • Makes biking for transportation a practical option. It doesn’t make sense for transportation trips to be an exhausting workout. When I ride my e-bike, I’m always getting exercise but I don’t have to arrive panting and drenched in sweat every time I go on an errand or to a meeting.
  • Great for this hilly area. No wondering if I’ll make it up the many hills I encounter with heavy computer bag or groceries. I can keep up with my roadie husband when out for a fun ride. Last weekend we rode a hilly route to a fun event together. Getting lost and exploring the park wasn’t stressful because I had no problem doing the extra hills and miles. Sure I was tired and my legs were sore by the end, no SAG rescue required!
  • I get more exercise. I often find cyclists comparing riding an e-bike to a regular bike as though e-bike riders are missing out on exercise. I would be driving a car, if I didn’t have my e-bike option. I’d still do a few recreational bike rides but biking wouldn’t be a good transportation option without my e-bike. Last weekend I rode 45 miles that would have been car trips without my Pedego.
  • I feel safer. I only realized this yesterday when I made a rare trip on my Linus on my regular route downtown. Thinking about how exhausted I was after a few of the hills, I realized that I would feel more vulnerable if I ran into a scary situation riding alone late in the day along the trail. On my Pedego, I don’t ride to the point of being exhausted and can dial up my speed when I feel a little too isolated on my ride.

Yesterday was a two bike day for me for a total of 26 miles. I rode my Pedego bike to my Bike Walk Greenville meeting and then rode my Linus to the Pedal Chic Spin & Sip ride in the evening. I’m lucky to have both great bikes!

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