Ready for a Commitment

I am tired of the passionate flings that come and go in my life. I’m ready for a serious relationship.

That’s what I was thinking this weekend as I listened to friends discussing their latest dieting and exercise efforts. I don’t want another diet love affair. You get swept up and pour your heart into them. But they are not sustainable! I can’t keep up the intense focus and energy required to keep the success going. I am looking for the real thing. That serious “I’m going to spend the rest of my life with you” relationship with food and exercise. I want that deep satisfaction, that quiet steadiness that can carry you through the tough times.

I’ve been working on small steps. Trying to weave them into my life. Like yoga in the morning – just a 15-20 minute routine. This morning at the peak of my most hectic week, I did the yoga. And I’ve been weaving in small walks. I say to myself that a short one is OK. Just get out and move. Nothing flashy, nothing special. Just something I can manage.

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