I am celebrating that my blog is back!  Okay, the content was always there, but the layout and design functions stopped working when I upgraded WordPress about a month ago.  Just plain text on a white page.

But no more!  A WordPress support forums moderator came to my rescue and I’m back in business.  I’m noticing a few minor modifications to my theme that got lost in the upgrade.  I just have to remember how I did them in the first place.  My brain has been taken over by theological pursuits but it is starting to come back to me.

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  1. Have you finished your job as church administrator, Pamela?

    If so, did you attend church as a worshipper today instead of tending to your previous administrator duties?

  2. Marilyn, Pamela didn’t just attend church today, there was a celebration – both services! And she deserved the recognition. (A totally unbiased observation.)

  3. I’ve been so absorbed in my studies that I totally missed both of your comments!

    They had lots of chocolate cake for me and they made me wear a silly hat with the words “just a member” to remind everyone that I’m not the administrator anymore :)

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