Seeking the simple life

In the process of planning a cross-country move, simplicity soon became a major theme.  Extreme simplicity.  As you get quotes for the cost of shipping your stuff, it is easy to begin to question how much you really need it.  Like is it $3,400-shipping-cost worthy?

I had been itching for a new wordpress theme and this one seemed to fit nicely with my focus on simplifying.  It is also netbook friendly which is important to me since I transitioned to a netbook.

This was actually part of the seeds of my simplicity quest.  I love the idea of affordable, mobile technology.  I have Linux (Ubuntu) installed on my netbook but have thus far been only booting the Windows XP which involves no learning curve.  But just using XP is a simplification from my miserable Vista laptop.  It’s funny how the 15 inch laptop now seems humongous compared to my 10 inch netbook.

Speaking of mobile technology, this seems like a win-win trend: Mobile gadgets threaten in-flight entertainment.

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