Simple Pleasures

Today I have managed to take a mental break from my stresses to enjoy the pleasure of spending a day at home… of spending time with my husband… of purring kitties… of relaxed meals with healthy food… of the hot shower I’m about to take. I’ve been notorious for my long showers and baths all my life. I love to feel the heat penetrating my body (especially since I’ve had painful parts), and it seems to put me in a thoughtful zone in which I lose track of time. I try to balance out the guilt I feel for using too much water by having a low flow shower head and turning off the water periodically. After my shower comes my 20 minute yoga stretch before I turn to doing some reading. I won’t have done anything really exciting today. My accomplishments include some laundry and a little organizing, but the most important one is filling my heart with gratitude.

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