I was surprised to discover (through the Scribe Jamboree and Arbitrary Marks) that some similar thinking about the human mind’s tendency to create stories is going on at and New Scientist magazine. I posted earlier this month on what I had been pondering privately for a long time – Can I tell you a story?

Feels sort of like synchronicity when you find out others are having similar thoughts. Nice, too, for a newbie blogger who isn’t used to sharing her thoughts at all, nevermind publicly. In the past, it was mostly my poor hubby who had to listen patiently to the never ending stream of thoughts in my head :) Now I get both the exercise of putting my thoughts down in writing and the fun of occasional responses. No big ambitions here, just an opportunity to explore my thoughts and maybe connect with a few likeminded souls.

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  1. I like that logical way of thinking an the way you put it about changing the way of exercise for the mind,writing things down an getting accasional responses…lol. I have to agree smart wat of thinking actually!! :)

  2. Hello! Thanks for the link, and great to read your “Can I tell you a story?” post. And I know exactly what you mean about having a head full of thoughts and needing to do something about them (other than simply inflicting them on your partner…)
    Keep on blogging!
    All the best,


  3. Wow, I’m a bit humbled to have a blogger I admire reading my blog! Thanks for the encouraging words and I look forward to linking to again :)

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