The Last UnTurkey

Neil and I had our last unturkey meal on Thanksgiving. It was as delicious as always and I’m pretty much in denial that we won’t be having it again. Having our unturkey dinner on Thanksgiving and Christmas has really been the only major tradition that we have established together. (Mental note: do not establish traditions that rely on the commercial success of a product) We realized later that we should have taken a picture of our last unturkey for posterity. We don’t do a lot of picture taking which is not for lack of a camera or ability. My husband takes pictures all the time for his magazine and his blog. Check out my favorite post on his Dad. I’ve been bugging him to share the story and pictures ever since he got the job as editor over two years ago. Ironically, his Dad who moved back to England doesn’t go online so he will likely never see the post. Tom is a great character and we both chuckle when he leaves messages on our voice mail, “Hallooo, Neil? Are you there?” thinking we can hear him and might pick up. He also always calls in the morning when Neil is typically out training on his bike. Tom doesn’t seem to be able to imagine a reality where a grown man is still able to race, not to mention make a living doing something he loves.

New links about the unturkey (12/2/06): Here’s an article about vegetarian options that includes the unturkey and here’s a blog post about its reported demise.

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  1. The story of the woman who created the unTurkey and Now&Zen is pretty fascinating!

    I love stories about people doing really cool things with their lives.

    But I don’t understand why you can’t have any more unTurkeys? I didn’t see in the article where it said they were going away?

  2. When I was looking for a link for my previous post, I discovered that the unturkey website was gone. My frantic online search for info found references to Now & Zen selling the unturkey to Green Options and then it being discontinued altogether. I’ll add some new links I just found to this post. I would so love to be wrong!

  3. Hiya –

    I don’t know you but I was also disappointed about having my last UnTurkey this year.

    So I tracked down the recipe and posted it here:


    Tell your friends, or whoever, or hoard it for yourself.

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