Pamela and Uncle Chuck - Rockville, MD

Timeless Bershon

Pamela - Rockville, MDIt’s been a long week for both my husband and I. We are sitting on the couch with our laptops doing a little surfing and blogging before calling it a night. I was doing a quick browse of the BlogHer site when I found this post on teenage “bershon.” I didn’t know what the heck this bershon thing was until I checked out the photos. Then I remembered my favorite photos of my mom and I. So next thing I knew I was joining the Flickr group and uploading those photos. I have to post them here too of course.

See any resemblance between us? My mother is just heading back to her foreign service assignment after some homeleave. I’m having dinner with my mom and her brother. I’m pretty mad about something. Bershon is supposed to be limited to a teenage attitude thing, but I think my mom is doing a pretty good impression.

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  1. Pam, I love these photos. Your mom hadn’t met your dad yet in 1962, I assume. Now we wear comfortable clothes while flying, but back then, it was high heels, a girdle and hose!

    How old were you in this photo?

  2. My, my, my. That first photo was one brutal Bershon moment. My computer monitor actually shook a little bit, such was the power of your teenage rage.

    And mother, dear mother. Armed and dangerous with her own Bershon and hatbox. Hatbox!

    And now you’re a woman of the church, probably a cheerful, upbeat sort. This gives me hope for my own Bershon-intensive teen. (Not that I was never Bershon. Oh, no. Not me.)

    Thanks for stopping by the post. Many blessings to you.

  3. Pamela, that was end-of-home-leave exhaustion. And maybe a bit of melancholy. But once on board the SS United States, I’m sure my spirits lifted….. What I did to merit such a glare from you, I don’t recall. Probably taking your picture! … I hope you noticed the dish of buttercurls which I always made.

  4. Right Marilyn, my mom was just a few years away from meeting my Dad. I know the year for her photo because she always made notes on the back. I unfortunately never do, so I have to guess that I was around 19 or 20.

    Yes, Grace there is hope! The dark moody teenager is gone, replaced by someone who is known for her humor and kindness (or at least I try!). I think I can still pull off a pretty intense look when I’m angry though 😉

  5. Yes, I remember the butter curls well Mom! You have always done things with style and attention to detail 🙂

    Luckily, I don’t remember the details anymore, but I do remember that you had just said something that embarrassed me in front of Uncle Chuck. A classic mother-daughter moment I’m sure!

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