Trying Again

Hmmm, well I’m not sure if I haven’t posted because I didn’t want to admit that the whole training thing didn’t work out. Although I’ve noticed that I’m not the only blogger who has failed to consistently post on their blog. Since my last post there have actually been a number of things that I’ve thought about blogging about but never actually made that next step of doing it.

As for trying out the “athlete” thing, not surprisingly it didn’t really take. I’m not someone who enjoys a really disciplined approach. I love to move and be active, but prefer a more spontaneous in the moment kind of activity. I do like some consistency… like my weekly Pilates session with my trainer… but too much makes me feel a bit claustrophobic. Also, training to walk in a marathon was supposed to be a joint activity with my husband who has been traveling quite a bit which got in the way training together… this naturally leads to my favorite – blaming him!

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