3 thoughts on “Evening Meditation

  1. OK, Pamela I am a little confused. I thought each frame was going to have the same words. Now I realize you intended us to read each picture as one reading. Is that correct?

  2. No, I was wrong about that. Maybe it’s just b/c I am not real “up”on how these things work, but I am confused. I’ll go check out Monday’s to see if I missed an explanation there.

    I am so glad to be a part of this project.

  3. Thanks, for expressing your confusion, Angelina! I’m doing my own take on Lectio Divina. The three meditations to be experienced at different times of the day – Morning, Midday and Evening – each bring us back to the same reading so that we are experiencing it again, for a total of three times in the day.

    Love having you here!

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