Un-Turkey Hunt

unturkeyYesterday, Neil and I went on our seasonal unturkey hunt venturing deep into the wilds of Torrance, California. The coveted unturkey has been increasingly scarce in these parts. It has been our holiday tradition to have one and since I first discovered them at Trader Joe’s. We were immediately hooked and even when we had to start paying twice as much for them at the natural food stores, we had to have them. We have friends who make fun of us for having an unturkey, but we remain unphased by their bemusement. We make a delicious feast that requires far less work and hassle than the traditional turkey!

Last night we snagged the last unturkey off the shelf at Whole Foods. It was the smaller size but we were glad to have found one. Now as I was searching for a link for the unturkey’s website, I have discovered to my horror that our beloved unturkey has been discontinued. We will be savoring our last unturkey dinner as we get over this terrible shock. Sigh.

Note: Here’s a link to an article describing the unturkey and other vegetarian options for holiday meals.

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