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Ups and Downs

I have had my good days and bad days this week. I missed my morning yoga for the first time since I started tracking my goals – three times. However, I have been doing at least one of my goals everyday so I’m still moving in a positive direction. Or just, I’m still moving. My primary goal is just to move more. To weave it more and more into my daily rhythm and undo the progression towards a sedentary lifestyle. For me it was primarily health issues that pushed me in that direction, but modern life has helped too. I’m trying to reawaken that natural urge to get moving that I had as a child. It faded to some degree as I grew up focusing more on studying and work, but it was pain that really stopped me in my tracks. Moving began to be something to avoid. Moving = pain. Now I’m learning the ways that moving heals and reduces pain. I am remembering how much I love to dance and walk and to stretch like a cat. And even to rest in a good way. I had been envying my cats natural fluctuations between the pleasures of moving, resting and stretching. Now I too can enjoy a moment in the sun and a good stretch of my back.

I finally took the step of seeing a chiropractor. She doesn’t have the totally gentle style I prefer, but she is on my insurance! I have had one appointment so far and did notice that my back is not so stiff and painful. So we”ll see how it goes. I think she was a little disappointed that I have done as well as I have with caring for my back. I was in better shape on the day I saw her, but I knew that there was still work to be done. My back has been a weak point my whole life (I was diagnosed with scoliosis at age 11) so getting a tune-up from time-to-time would probably be a good idea.

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  1. Did you ever wear a back brace for the scoliosis?

    Glad you visited a chiropractor–I need to visit mine–six weeks is too long to wait between adjustments. 🙁

  2. No, I was lucky that it was caught early and wearing a lift in my shoe and taking swimming classes as I was growing reduced the curve in my spine. Of course, I didn’t think I was lucky at the time because I couldn’t wear cute slip-on shoes! I always had to wear shoes that laced up.

  3. So glad you saw a chiropractor! As you continue seeing her, I hope it makes a real difference.

  4. Lace up shoes! Lord, I had forgotten those. I had flat feet and had to wear arch supports inside my saddle shoes. No tennies. Patent leather shoes only briefly for Sunday School and church. This was in the 1950s. I felt so clunky and unstylish!
    Now I’ve found a kindred soul to commiserate with! 🙂

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