Why bother studying women?

You may have noticed that I have had a little technical difficulty with my new software for mobile blogging. Sorry for the duplicate, etc. posts! When it works it is great, but the mystery duplicates are frustrating!! Right now I’m blogging from the Cyber Cafe in the GA Exhibit Hall. It’s a handy supplement to my pda, but it can also have a big line of folks waiting for a turn. I snuck in during a slow time to finally make this quick post I’ve been thinking about since this morning. I get a copy of the New York Times delivered to my room each morning. This morning I noticed an article on the front page, “Research Finds Firstborns Gain the Higher I.Q.” As I read the first few paragraphs, these statement popped out at me:

“Though the study was done in men, the scientists said the results would almost certainly apply to women as well.

‘I consider these two papers the most important publications to come out in this field in 70 years; it’s a dream come true,’…”

How is it possible that current researchers still think it is OK to study men only and that the results will apply to women? And on results described as “the most important pulblications” no less!

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  1. Hi lareinacobre! It was great meeting you in person at the dinner :)

    The lack of medical research on women’s physiology is one of my “pet peeves.” I’m continually amazed that researchers are “discovering” the value of it. Meanwhile, women are treated by doctors with the assumption that the body of medical research applies to them.

  2. You’re right, M. We shouldn’t be in the position of asking for it. We should be doing it!

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