Winter Memories

I can’t believe I didn’t find this yule log video until now. Since we moved out of my childhood home, one of the things I’ve really missed is having a fireplace. I loved building the fire, spending evenings sitting in front of it, and using our fireplace popcorn popper. I remember the anticipation building as we made our annual purchase of firewood, saving newspapers to stuff under the logs, lighting the fire with the colorful super-long matches and tending it with our various fireplace tools. When my mom was into making her own candles, we would fill cardboard egg cartons with leftover wax. Tearing off one of the filled sections made a great starter for the fire. It’s amazing how vivid old memories can be. It seems like my childhood memories can be especially focused on color, smell and texture. Maybe this is because I took the time to be fully present back then, before I became a constantly multi-tasking adult.

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