Worlds Collide

My husband’s cycling world came home this weekend with the final stage of the Tour of California in our very own Long Beach (photo from Press Telegram). I caught a bus downtown (after working of course) arriving just in time to watch the final lap. We were invited to spend the day at Tony Cruz’s VIP tent and I had just made it there when it was time to watch the finish line so I never went in. I hooked up with Neil at the end of the race. We stopped in at Tony’s tent and then went to the Giant/Shimano/T-Mobile Team after-party at V2O. I had fun being “the wife” seeing a lot of familiar faces, some that I had met before. I also acted as Neil’s personal photographer when he ran into some of his favorite cycling folks. I ended up (reluctantly) in one of the photos (I’m on the left, then my husband Neil, Dave the race announcer, and one of the pro-women-cyclists on the T-Mobile team).

Today we both took it easy. We rode our bikes over to our favorite coffee house, Portfolio, for a late lunch. Our different worlds can be seen in the bikes we ride. Mine is the urban hybrid and his is a limited edition T-Mobile Team Giant. Yup, different worlds. It’s nice when they collide though.

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